This being my first blog, I have chosen to remain anonymous for the fact that this is not about picking up benefits in discussing sex. I want to be able to make comment without judgement and without bias. This is not about naming and shaming of my sexual partners, nor is it about verbal ‘bashing of men in general. I love men, I love my husband but there are things that make us so different, compatible and unique, I am female. I am monogamous and enjoy a healthy sex life with my life partner. I have never used sex as a weapon i.e. “if you don’t do this, I won’t do this” I believe in keeping sex out of arguments and I have never discussed my sex life with my girlfriends, sisters or others. I respect myself and my partner (& ex partners) too much – perhaps in this statement it is more about doing to others what you want done to yourself (self preservation in break ups)

What this blog is about is diversity (perhaps a little whinging) but I wish to keep it respectful, decent and educational, I want to learn from others in that I want to understand the male species a bit better.

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